Moderna finds a way to accelerate the current supply of COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna says it is waiting for regulatory approval to increase the dose of vaccine in each vial by 50 percent , speeding up supplies.

According to AFP, company biotechnology Moderna of America today 12.2 said they are seeking the approval of the management agencies worldwide to increase by 50% of the vaccine contained in each vial, as a way to rapidly increase the current supply.

The statement comes after The New York Times first reported that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had agreed to increase the dosage level by 40%.

“To maximize resources and maximize the opportunity to deliver more doses of vaccine more quickly to markets, Moderna proposed to add more jars,” said Moderna spokesman. vaccine to maximum 15 doses compared to the previous 10 doses. ”

The spokesperson added that the company is engaged in discussions with FDA and authorities in other countries, and increasing dosage levels will not require changing the jars currently in use. .

“Any changes will have to be approved by final approval from various regulators. Implementing any such changes will take anywhere from two to three months,” Moderna said.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Times reported that the FDA approved Moderna to increase it to 14 doses per vial, compared with the previous 10 doses.

This will require a refurbishment of the production line, which takes less than ten weeks, or before the end of April, the paper said.

“It will be a long step. I think it has an impact in the short term,” Moncef Slaoui, who served as chief scientific advisor to the federal vaccine development program under former President Donald Trump, told the newspaper. Times.

About 10% of Americans have so far received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, of which Moderna accounts for less than half of the total population, with the remainder made up by Pfizer.

The Biden administration on Feb. 11 announced it had reached an agreement with both Moderna and Pfizer to supply a total of 600 million doses of vaccine by June, enough to inject 90% of the US population.

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