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Malaysia is a country blessed with innumerable natural tourist attractions. Located in the East Asia, the country is developing at a great e district pace. Noteworthy fact about Malaysia is that it contains a diverse population which comprises people following religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Nonetheless, with governmental efforts various tourist attractions in Malaysia such as Langkawi, Genting and Cameron Highlands have become a known name among travelers around the world. All efforts are being made to show true Malaysia to travelers.

For tourists, Malaysia is one of the more beautiful and appealing destinations in entire East Asia which offers exclusive cuisines and exciting touring experiences. People in Malaysia know and understand English well; therefore, travelers do not face problems in communication. Malaysia has everything, ranging from spectacular mountain ranges to exotic beaches to beautiful and historic temples which you can find attractive in the country. Keluang Hill Beach in Malaysia is one of the premier beach destinations in the country and is renowned for its exquisite and mesmerizing beautiful ambience.

Located at the distance of 140 km north of Kuala Terengganu, Keluang beach is an exciting traveling experience. Various caves near to the beach are primary attractions which show that these caves must have been in use by men. Accommodation facilities are provided by various beach resorts and huts. Travel to the beach is exciting as you can see children playing games, cows grazing in the field, swinging coconut trees, fresh cool breeze and stunning white sandy beach, etc. at the same time. Travelers from neighboring countries flock in large numbers to see Terengganu beach in Malaysia.

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